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Sarthak Mishra

Ph.D. Scholar, JRF Qualified


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

August’2018- Present

Under the Supervision of Dr. Suraiya Jabin

Topic: A Soft Biometrics System to monitor crowd.

Master’s in computer applications (MCA), Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi


9.35 CGPA

Bachelor’s in computer application (BCA), Maharaja Surajmal Institute, New Delhi



Intermediate, ISC Board, Lucknow



Class X, ICSE Board, Lucknow





[1] Anand Pratap Singh, Sarthak Mishra, Suraiya Jabin (2018),

Sequence based prediction of enhancer regions from DNA random walk, Scientific Reports, volume 8, issue 1, pp. 1-12, published online on Oct 29, 2018,, (SCIEX) Impact Factor: 4.122


[2] Mishra, S., Rastogi, Y. P., Jabin, S., Kaur, P., Amir, M., & Khatun, S. (2019). A deep learning ensemble for function prediction of hypothetical proteins from pathogenic bacterial species. Computational Biology and Chemistry, 107147.


[3] Mishra, S., Rastogi, Y. P., Jabin, S., Kaur, P., Amir, M., & Khatoon, S. (2020). A bacterial phyla dataset for protein function prediction. Data in brief, 28, 105002.


  • Python

  • Java

  • Machine Learning


  • QGIS

  • Keras

  • C/C++

  • SQL

  • OpenCV


  • Attended National Conference on Innovative Trends in Information Processing & Management 2013

  • Attended National Seminar on New Frontiers in Computer Research 2014

  • Attended National Conference on Current Scenario on Emerging Trends in IT 2015

  • Presented a paper titled “ Detecting pedestrians using Faster R-CNN” in JTA multidisciplinary conference February 2020.

Teaching Skills

  • Delivered lab sessions on Digital Image Processing using MATLAB and Python to MCA during session of July’19 – Dec’19.

  • Machine Learning Instructor at Udemy with two courses with more than 8000 registered students.:

    • Machine Learning and Training Neural Network in MATLAB.

    • Digit Recognizer in MATLAB using MNIST Dataset.

  • Registered Instructor at Unacademy.

  • Delivered lab sessions on Machine Learning using MATLAB and python to M.Sc. Bioinformatics during session of July’18 – Dec’18.

  • Private Home Tutor


  • Online Voting System using JSP and Servlets in Eclipse IDE.

  • Online College Portal using JSP and Servlets in Eclipse IDE.

  • Online Cargo Management System using JSP and Servlets in Eclipse IDE.

  • MNIST Handwritten Digit Recognizer in MATLAB

  • CAFA 2020


  • Search Engine Optimization Freelancer.

  • Event Head during graduation at college Fest GENESIS.

  • Attended Workshop on “Deep Learning and IOT using MATLAB” 3rd October 2019.

  • Nov'2017 - Dec'2019 NET Qualified

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